Indian-origin man linked to another murder in South Africa

Shrien Dewani, 30, a businessman from Bristol, is accused of organising his bride Anni's death.

Anni, a 28-year-old engineering graduate of Ugandan-Indian descent from Sweden, was killed in Cape Town Nov 13 when two men hijacked the car she and Shrien were travelling in. Shrien was let go by the attackers.

Dewani allegedly offered a taxi driver 1,400 pounds to arrange for Anni to be shot dead in a staged carjacking, according to claims outlined by a prosecutor in South Africa. Now, police in South Africa are trying to build a new case against Dewani based on claims by the taxi driver, jailed for 18 years over the shooting, The Sun reported.

Zola Tongo, 31, told detectives he is convinced the groom arranged a similar previous murder. The fresh inquiry centres on Pox Raghavjee, a 63-year-old doctor, killed by carjackers near his home in King William's Town in 2007.

Police in Cape Town have made the focus of their new probe a meeting between Raghavjee's widow, Heather, and Dewani and his father Prakash after Anni's death. Her visit was requested by her daughter-in-law Alvita, a friend of the Dewanis in Bristol. But police have no evidence Dewani was ever in South Africa before his honeymoon.

Heather Raghavjee said: "I am very upset, particularly for Shrien, at the awful accusations over my husband's murder. There is no substance in them." Though South Africa wants Dewani extradited to face trial, he was freed on a 250,000 pound bail by the High Court, pending more hearings.

South African police chief commissioner Gen Bheki Cele said: "We don't like it but the UK assures us he has an electronic tag to stop him fleeing.

"We have a powerful case against him. The guy needs to come and try to clear his name." A spokeswoman confirmed they were looking at Raghavjee's murder. "That investigation is ongoing, even if it means linking Mr Dewani to other cases."

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