Genesis of the tragic lake


It was obvious, as the tank is located beside the stone that reads ‘Koodanahalli Gate’.

When Deccan Herald dug the history that led to the name of the tank, what came to fore was really interesting. ‘An incident happened where a group of three to four elders sat for lunch near the lake. Soon after finishing their lunch, they were in for a surprise as the water in the lake had dried.

It was only after confirming that the lake had sufficient water, they had preferred to eat beside the lake just a few minutes ago, said Rangaraju of Mandakalli village on Mysore- Nanjangud road, quoting the hearsay. Since then it is known as ‘Undabatti Kere’ (Unda- Eaten) Battina (Dried).

It is nearly 50 feet deep and there were incidents of deaths involving one or two. Just a decade ago, it came under the evil eyes of brick makers in the region who were illegally digging up the available red soil. It went on unabated until the authorities concerned woke up and put a stop to it. A few farmers nearby still fetch water in pots to cultivate crops. As and when it rains, the water level here reaches to its maximum.

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