German man says he had sex with honeymoon murder accused

The escort, from Munich, told the Metropolitan Police's special crime directorate that the British tycoon paid him a total of 1,100 pounds in cash for kinky sex sessions in the Midlands and West London between September 2009 and April 2010, The Sun reported Wednesday.

Shrien Dewani, 30, a businessman from Bristol, is accused of organising his bride Anni's death during their honeymoon.

Anni, a 28-year-old engineering graduate of Ugandan-Indian descent from Sweden, was killed in Cape Town Nov 13 when two men hijacked the car she and Shrien were travelling in. Shrien was let go by the attackers.

Dewani allegedly offered a taxi driver 1,400 pounds to arrange for Anni to be shot dead in a staged carjacking, according to claims outlined by a prosecutor in South Africa. The German escort from Munich reportedly contacted British police after recognising Shrien Dewani's picture on television news bulletins.

Dewani, who is on bail while fighting extradition to South Africa, insists he is not gay and that he was blissfully happy with his bride of just two weeks.

A lawyer for Dewani said the allegations were completely "false and ridiculous". His spokesman, publicist Max Clifford, said: "It is categorically denied. Shrien Dewani has never had a sexual relationship with a man in his life."

South African police raised concerns that all was not well in the Dewanis' marriage - and that Shrien's sexuality was a factor. But in an interview with The Sun, Dewani denied being gay.

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