Ruckus in Maha Assembly over SC remarks against Deshmukh

Opposition members shouted slogans and trooped into the well of the House on the last day of the winter session following which Deputy Speaker Vasant Purke, who was in the Chair, adjourned the House for 10 minutes. They demanded a statement from the treasury benches.

When the House reassembled, the din continued and treasury benches rushed to finish the business. Panel Speaker Sadashivrao Patil again adjourned the House for 30 minutes.

As soon as the House assembled for the day, Opposition Leader, Eknath Khadse raised the issue saying Deshmukh had violated the oath of not favouring anyone by helping party MLA Dilip Sananda, engaged in money lending business, by asking police not to arrest his father.

Khadse said by doing so he had clearly violated the Constitution and, therefore, the ruling combine should come out with a statement on the whole affair.

Subhash Desai (Sena) said the apex court has imposed a fine of Rs 10 lakh on the state government in this case and the financial burden will fall automatically on the tax payers of Maharashtra. "Who should pay the fine?" he asked.

Nitin Sardesai (MNS) and others also joined the issue demanding a clarification from the Government.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Harshwardhan Patil said the state government has not received the certified copy of the apex court judgement and hence was unable to comment.

Not satisfied with his explanation, Davendra Phadanvis (BJP) said it was a lame excuse. "The judgement posted on the official website of the Supreme Court itself is a certified copy, the apex court had given a ruling on it," he said.

Later Patil, defending the government move, said on receipt of certified copy the government would seek an opinion of Law and Judiciary department and then only will be in a position to comment on it.

The Opposition continued their protests with slogan shouting and display of banner and placards. Sensing trouble, Panel Presiding officer adjourned the house for half and hour.

The Supreme Court had upheld the Bombay High Court judgement of interference by Vilasrao Deshmukh in a police case in which party MLA Dilip Sananda's father was to be arrested. His personal assistant called the concerned Police official not to arrest the senior Sananda.

The apex court expressed its resentment over such favour and quoted line of oath that as Minister he would not favour any one.

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