Google India recruiting 70 plus staff

 According to job postings on its website, Google has about 72 job openings in different areas such as advertising sales and enterprise, engineering operations, finance, human resources and software engineering. It is also hiring in legal and public policy, marketing and communications, product management administrative and enterprise sections in India. 

India, one of largest locations for Google outside US, has vacancies at its offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Mumbai. The entity has 23 vacancies in Hyderabad centre, followed by 22 in Banglore, 21 in Gurgaon and the remaining six in Mumbai.

Yahoo R&D too hiring

Besides, Yahoo’s research and development unit is also increasing its workforce in the country. The company’s has openings for Business Manager, Product Manager, Lead Engineer, Research Scientist, Engineering Manager, Technical Architect, QA Lead and System Administrator.

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