It's not going to happen again, vows teenaged dad

Nathan's parents are concerned about his future after  he  and girlfriend April Webster became Britain's youngest parents.

"He goes straight from school and is not coming home until nine at night," Nathan's father Ron said.

"He's down there all weekend as well - and I'm not happy. I'm not saying his schoolwork is more important but he's got to find a balance," The Sun quoted Ron as saying.
Nathan and April's baby Jamie was conceived when they were just 13.

Nathan, who failed to wear a condom, said: "Now the baby's here I'm happy being a dad." But he promised his father and his mother Julie, 43: "It's not going to happen again."

"I don't want him coming home in six months saying there's another one on the way...I've told him he has got to face up to his responsibilities," said Ron.

April, the young mother, said: "I've no regrets."

"I'm determined to keep up my schoolwork as much as I can."

April's mother mum Maria, who became a grandmother aged just 36, said: "Naturally I was very shocked. But I don't give a damn what anyone else thinks - Jamie's part of the family."

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