Building plan approvals go up

Compared to 2008-09 figures, the plan approvals went up by 2,379 for all structures in 2009-10. For those above 15 meters, or more commonly known as high rise buildings, the number of plan approvals increased from 72 to 118. During the six months till October this year, the BBMP has given approval to 5,000-odd buildings including the high rises.

According to the statistics available with the BBMP, the growth in construction activity was maximum in the East and South zones. The growth has been least in the Dasarahalli zone.

According to sources, the ratio of Commercial to residential properties has been placed at 2:10. Even plan sanctions for shopping malls have gone up over the last two years. “We receive one or two proposals for a shopping mall every two months,” informed a BBMP source.

Meanwhile, building plan approval for above 60x40 sq ft sites have gone online. “From February 1, we will be approving the building plans online for even the structures built on 40x60 sq ft sites,” source added.


Year                 No of building plans approved    
2008-09           10,677
2009-10           13,056
2010-11           5,735*
*(Till October)

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