Timeless pieces of fashion

Timeless pieces of fashion


Timeless pieces of fashion

 Now with the universal usage of mobile phones, the importance of a watch as a time showing tool has certainly declined. But cell phones have still not been able to push watches out of the market. As style accessories, watches continue to attract people.

“Watches will never go out of fashion. They can be worn on every single occasion. Plus they go well with everything and can be worn by people of all age groups,” says Chaaya, a student.

With the availability of a vast range of designs, people have become more choosy. Hence, the watch manufacturers have come up with designs to suit the varied needs of customers. From a range of slim, elegant watches to heavy biker watches, shoppers have a lot to choose from.

Says Shivu, a watch dealer in BSK 3rd Stage, “These days, college boys ask for big face, heavy metal watches. Some also go for the biker series. Young girls look out for the bangle type of watches or the ones with a mesh strap. The expedition series watches, which come in both digital and analog designs, are also in demand. Those looking for formal watches go for sleek designs. Nowadays, watches are being purchased for gifting purposes as well. So the demand is always on the rise for newer models.”

“I never liked wearing a watch. But now, I have bought an expedition series watch as it comes with so many features. However, as I cannot wear it daily, I am planning to buy a heavy biker watch with a metal strap,” says Mahendra, a student.

Almost all the brands have launched biker series which are a rage among youngsters. The biker series watches are available mainly in two categories. One comes with a chain band which resembles a motor cycle chain while the other one is with a thread band inspired by tyre threads.

The various versions of fashionable watches available on footpaths are something that young girls like to try out. “It is not possible to afford a collection of branded watches. So we buy the less expensive ones from the streets for our daily use and keep the branded ones for special occasions. These street watches are the best buys when we need to match them with our dresses and saris. Some people consider watches as a sheer necessity. But sometimes, the same watch cannot be worn with salwar and jeans. So one should select a model according to the size of his or her wrist. Since watches speak volumes about one’s personality, always make a smart choice when it comes to timepieces,” says Suvidha Nayak, an engineer.