Tahsildar accused of irregularities

The latest is the case of a tahsildar in Bangarpet taluk. Tahsildar Eshwarappa, before he went on a transfer, had allegedly fudged the documents and granted lands in the villages of Bangarpet taluk illegally.

The State Government (Revenue Department) allots land to landless labourer/people cultivating land unauthorisedly following an application filed by them.

Lakshminarayana of Bodanahalli in Kamasamudra hobli had filed an application requesting for the land. But the tahsildar had smudged the application form 53 and allotted the land to Chikkamallappa’s son Narayan.

Similarly, the application submitted by Nanjundappa’s son Venkatsh of Pura village was changed to allot the land for Chikkamallapa’s son Venkatesh. Lakshminarayana has been cultivating the land on Survey no 18 for the past eight years.

Request for land
He had submitted an application on January 4, 1999, requesting the tahsildar to grant the land for him.

But, on November 1, 2005, the land was granted to Narayan of the neighbouring village. The irregularities came to light when Lakshminarayan sought the details under the Right To Information Act.

Application for ownership
Similarly, Venkatesh has been cultivating 30 guntas on the Badagor village survey no. 22  for the past 25 years. Venkatesh had applied for the ownership of the land on January 11, 1999.

However, the tahsildar allegedly smudged his father’s name in the application number 53 and allotted the land to Chikkamallappa’s son on November 1, 2005. Sources said, Sirastedar Srinvassetty has also colluded with the tahsildar in the malfeasance.

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