Blinded by greed, sons do in mothers in Andhra Pradesh

Matricidal impulse

In one of the cases, the son hacked his mother to death. In the other, the mother’s body was not allowed to be cremated by her three sons.

Srikant Reddy (29) brutally murdered his mother Yellamma (70) in her sleep with an axe at their family home in Bethamcherla town in Kurnool district, as she refused to sign a document transferring the family property in his name.

A commerce graduate, Srikant, lived with his aged mother. His drinking habit had come in the way of his marriage, and hoping to get married by flaunting the family property of 20 acres, he asked his mother to transfer the property in his name. But Yellama had other children, too, and did not give in to Srikant’s pressure.

On Sunday night, Srikant axed his mother after a heated argument and fled. Bethamcherla police station inspector Maheswar Reddy, who visited the spot, said a probe was underway.

The second incident took place at Dasaripalem in Guntur district, where the sons kept the body of their dead mother in an ice box for three days, refusing to complete the funeral rites till their father signed the document transferring 11 acres of family property in their names.

Seventy-year-old Mangamma and her husband Venkateswarlu (74) were living with their daughter after their four  sons drove them away three years ago. Following this, Venkateswarlu had donated one acre of the family land to his daughter and grandson.

When Mangamma was hospitalised due to a kidney ailment, the sons came to the hospital and filed a police complaint against their sister, alleging she poisoned their mother to take away property. And when she died in hospital, the brothers refused to complete the funeral rites till their father Venkateswarlu registered the remaining land in their names. “They now want to kill me for the sake of property,” Venkateswarlu told the police.

Repalle police station inspector Srinivas Rao later intervened and had Mangamma’s body cremated.

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