When the 'resolve' is not so strong

When the 'resolve' is not so strong


When the 'resolve' is not so strong

TOUGH TASK Exercising and losing weight top the list of resolutions.

As the New Year comes closer, the desire to start afresh increases manifold. The follies of the year that passed by are magnified and many take an oath to improve on those tiny things that had bogged them down during the year. Ironically, as strong as the resolve is to mend our ways, by the second month of the New Year, we are back to our old habits. There exist some New Year resolutions that are taken every year and broken too. Metrolife asked Bangaloreans about those 'strong resolves' that invariably get weaker as one tries to pursue them.

Says Lovlyn Pani, an 18-year-old communication studies student, “I tell myself every year that I am not going to spend money on useless stuff. But by the next month, I start spending erratically. I can’t really control it because of all the excess shopping I do.”
If spending excessively is an issue for one, controlling the desire to indulge in non-vegetarian food is an issue for another. Vikram Murthy, a techie, says, “At the beginning of every year, I promise myself I am not going to eat chicken. But by the second week, I just can’t hold back my craving for non-veg food and start feasting on kebabs.”

Thinley Wangmo, a BCA student from Bhutan, has her goals set on doing well academically. “I decide every year that I am going to study every day but I end up breaking it. I get carried away with all the ‘hanging out with friends’ routine,” she adds.

Remi Rusha Sen, a hotel management student, says that her resolve every year is to make good friends. “You always hope that the people whom you love stay with you, no matter what. But many a time, it doesn’t work out that way,” she says.

If friends are Remi’s concern, weight issues seem to get the better of Harshita Gowda. “Every year it is the same story. I want to lose weight and get the perfect figure but I also can’t say no to food! I cave into my cravings pretty early on in the year,” she adds.