In a whole new world...

In a whole new world...


In a whole new world...

VIVID A scene from the dance drama.

The event, divided into two halves, saw the students of Shivapriya School of Dance perform choreographed pieces, which included Ganesha Stuti and Jathiswaram. Students of all ages performed as parents and well-wishers of the school looked on with pride.

The second half of the show consisted of clearly the most-awaited act — Aladdin, a play in dance drama form. The highlight of the dance drama was that it incorporated various dance forms such as Arabian and Flamenco. Theatrically too, the dance drama was a treat to the eyes.  No one is a stranger to the story of Aladdin. Every child has been enamoured by this tale of magic and love. The most popular version of
Aladdin was the one written in 1709. However, Aladdin became even more popular after Disney’s released an animated version of the tale in 1992. The tale woven around a magical lamp, that puffs out a genie when rubbed, has the ability to transcend the audiences to a magical world where anything is possible. 

Shivapriya School of Dance’s version did just that. Effused with high energy performances and state-of-the-art lighting, it carried the audiences away to the chaotic Arabian world filled with adventure and mysticism.

The on-stage chemistry of the actors playing Aladdin and Jasmine was commendable. Scripted wonderfully by T K Ramachandra, it had all the elements of a melodrama that garnered an immediate connect with the audiences. The make-up and costumes too were befitting to the period and made the experience an enchanting affair. The Shivapriya team worked for around six months to put up this dance drama, which has music by Tirumalai Srinivas.

The play was conceptualised and choreographed by Dr Sanjay Shantaram, an ace choreographer and cine actor of international acclaim. The event was presided over by Guru Kalashree Desai, the director of Payal Dance Academy, Raleigh, USA  and popular cine actress Malashree Ramu. Malashree, speaking at the event said, “I feel like I have been transported to a whole new world.” Cine actress Bhavana was also one of the guests at the event and said that it was essential for kids to learn more about our traditional art forms. “It is amazing to see so many parents in the audience trying to inculcate respect and value for our art forms in their young ones,” she added.