'What's wrong with little howling and screaming?'

'What's wrong with little howling and screaming?'

GLITTERING Commercial Street has been decorated for the season.

They reason that they must be allowed to party sans any restrictions. J Nabila, an educationist says she doesn’t care about the restrictions.

“It’s the only time in the year when people come together to celebrate. I am sure the cops won’t have a problem with a little howling and screaming. As long as we don’t break any rules I don’t think the cops would mind. People must be allowed to party till 4 am,” she says.

Naveen, an IT professional says he’s going to spend the New Year’s Eve with his
family and friends in a City hotel.

“I would either stay back in the hotel or get a cab. I don’t think I would be in a position to drive. I think the restrictions imposed by the police are necessary to keep the crowd under control,” he says.

However Apoorva Segu, director for International Institute for Learning is unhappy with the restrictions and has decided to spend the New Year away from the City.

“We’ve booked a home stay in Chikmagalur and hope to spend some quiet time with family and friends. Moving around in the City is almost impossible on New Year’s Eve, hence the decision to move out,” she wraps up. 

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