It's not me in the CD, insists Ranjitha

It's not me in the CD, insists Ranjitha

It's not me in the CD, insists Ranjitha

In her complaint filed before the Ramanagara Magistrate on Thursday, Ranjitha claimed that her face was morphed on the video involving Nithyananda in an intimate position with someone who looked like her.
Ranjitha who tried to explain why she was missing since the scandal broke out, said she was scared and terrified as she was being threatened.

When asked why she had not come forward earlier if she was not the woman in the video, she said: “I was threatened with arrest and there are bigger powers at play. I did not know how to handle them and I am basically a person who minds my own business. I do not have a father who is the Chief Minister and I do not have the backing of a powerful political group to take on that kind of agenda and machinery.”

Another time, she claimed that she would name the ones who had threatened her only if “the Chief Minister of the said state (Tamil Nadu) can stand by me”.

The actress maintained that the attempt at extortion was a smaller picture and the larger picture constitutes the involvement of a Christian missionary as told to her by Lenin himself. She also hinted at political powers in Tamil Nadu trying to get her involved in the episode and pointed the finger at Sun TV and the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s family of being involved.

Ranjitha, who wiped her tears on one occasion, said: “I should have fought back from the first moment, which I did not and I am sorry and am apologetic about it.” She maintained that she left the country immediately after the video was released to the public as it was essential for the safety of her family and herself.

The actress said that her involvement in the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam happened because she was interested in their social outreach programmes. The actress demurely stated that she would like to attend the celebrations underway at the Ashram, if the Ashram permitted.

In her complaint against Lenin, Aarti Rao and Sridhar, she has stated that the morphed video was used to blackmail and extort money from her. Though Aarti is named as a respondent, Ranjitha claimed she did not know who she was and had named her only because Lenin had claimed Aarti was involved.

Though Ranjitha at one point said she regretted involving herself in the activities of the Ashram, she maintained that she remained a devotee of Nithyananda.