A season of sharing

A season of sharing


PLEASED Young girls love to visit their friends’ houses on Sankranthi.

The idea of visiting each others’ houses, wearing new clothes and jewellery makes these girls wait for the festival. As the focus of the festival is on exchanging yellu bella with family and friends, young girls are all set to distribute gifts and goodies apart from the traditional yellu bella.  Even though most festivals have become commercial, a festival always brings the warm feelings of homeliness, love and fun. The same goes for Sankranthi as well. On the day of the festival, after the usual round of morning bath, prayers and seeking the blessings of elders, the kids, especially young girls, start visiting different houses carrying packets of yellu bella.

Ashritha Adiga, a PUC student, says that it’s a tradition in her family to go to the houses of neighbours, friends and relatives and exchange goodies. “If it is a relatives’ house, my parents accompany me. If it’s a friend or neighbour’s house, I go on my own. This year, we thought of giving some gifts to a few young boys and girls. We cover nearly 30 houses a day. In case we are not able to cover all the houses in one day, we visit people the next day as well,” she says.

“Relatives and neighbours also pour into our house and I hope this trend continues. When I was a kid, I loved visiting other people’s houses. Though I feel a bit tired on the day of the festival, it helps strengthen relations,” she opines. Nandini, a class tenth student, is eagerly waiting for the festival this year. “The festival gives one an opportunity to wear new clothes, jewellery and roam around the City. Every year my dad takes me to the houses of all my relatives. The evenings are dedicated to visiting neighbours and friends. Similarly, my friends, neighbours and relatives come to our house and we exchange yellu bella with them,” she says excitedly.

 “Moreover, I am always eager to open the packets given by others just to see the designs of sakkare achchu,” she laughs. Sangeetha, a degree student, has now lost interest in paying a visit to people. “As a kid, I used to visit each and every house on our street. Now, I visit only my friends’ houses. But it’s great fun to enjoy the occasion and exchange yellu bella with friends,” she says. 

According to Shriram, a PUC student, Sankranthi is all about yellu bella.
“Even weeks after the festival, we exchange yellu bella with our friends in college. I love the festival only because of the sugar moulds and roasted peanuts,” he concludes.