Near natural nests for zoo inmates

Near natural nests for zoo inmates

at home? A pair of Meerkat recently brought from Singapore zoo is given a natural environment with paintings of greenery on the walls. DH photo by Prashanth H G

The concept of enclosure meant to house birds and animals in the zoos is fast changing. Gone are the days of the traditional enclosures with iron railings covered with the mesh on all the three sides and a brick wall on the other side.

Now the new kinds of enclosures have come into being which are not only animal-friendly but also provide a natural environ for them.

Perhaps, the reputed Sri Chamarjendra Zoological Gardens stands first among all the other zoos in the country when it comes to re-designing the enclosures. There is a lot of creativity in the designing of these enclosures.

Recently, the re-designed enclosure to house a pair of Meerkats from the Singapore Zoo has shown the way how it should be. For very many years, the zoo had struck to its old pattern of enclosures that were causing boredom not only for the animals and the birds but also were not visitor-friendly.

Keeping this in mind, K B Markandaiah, executive director of the Mysore Zoo came out with a novel idea of utilising the services of the students of Sri Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts (CAVA), an institution known for creativity. The students of this institutions are known for newer ideas.

Markandaiah explained how the Meerkats are kept in the Singapore Zoo and also the environment, the students hardly took anytime to come out with number of designs to suit the mammals. The photos shown by the executive director came in handy for the young minds to prepare the designs that were very much nearer to that of in the Singapore Zoo.

Although, the Meerkats arrived here in June they were put on quarantine for six months. That time was sufficient for the students to re-design the enclosure with attractive paintings.

It really added a new dimension to the enclosure and was liked by one and all. Both the head of the Zoo and students have to be appreciated for their piece of work which has really given a new look to the enclosure. In fact, the Mysore City Corporation has been utilising the services of the CAVA students to paint the walls of the public buildings with the pictures of important places of tourists across the State.

Markandaiah said the zoo is seriously is thinking of giving a new look to the enclosures keeping in view the current trend. During his visit to several zoos abroad, the enclosures there look so pretty as they are pleasant for the eyes of tourists too.

As all the caged animals and birds have to spend their whole life in those enclosures, the zoo feels, and it should be made colourful. Plans are afoot to have similar kinds of enclosures for the select animals and birds in a phased manner. This would go a long way in changing the concept of enclosure in  the zoo, he added.

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