Thirst creates tension

Thirst creates tension

The reason behind it all being that one of them - S Rajeshwari - has had the cement road dug up in various places for water connection. The residents are all questioning the propriety of digging up a public road for the convenience of one house in the locality.
Although Rajeshwari had obtained permission to draw water from the pipeline in front of her house, she is now trying to get water from the main pipeline illegally, complain the other residents of the area. A few days ago, there were even quarrels in the streets of the locality on the issue.

Questions, no answers
Officers from the City Municipal Council visited the area and inspected the condition, but the situation has not changed a whit. The locality houses more than 25 families. Most of the residents claim irregular supply of water from the CMC for the last two years. They are forced to pay for private water tankers to supplement once in two to three days whatever little water they are supplied everyday. The CMC has failed completely in ensuring proper water supply in the area.

Lopsided facilities
The scanty supply of water has led to the tussle between Rajeshwari and her neighbours. “Why should only she get special facilities when all of us are struggling for water?” ask the residents. The people complain that Rajeshwari obtained permission to change a bore but is having the entire road dug up without permission.She is also accused of getting water from the rising pipe instead of the sub-main connection, which is in front of her house.

Speaking to the Deccan Herald correspondents on Sunday, a resident said, “We had complained to the City Municipal Council on October 1, 2010 to take action against such unauthorised water connections. But the Council did not act. The last few days, however, some work is going on.”

The residents added, “Instead of giving connection to only one house in the area, let them give better water facilities to all the houses here.”

Reacting to the people's complaints against her, Rajeshwari explained that her family too was 'tired of facing the water problem.'“The road is being dug for water connection only after the Council gets Rs 1,800 as road-cutting fees. I have to bear the cost and even responsibility of closing the road that has been dug up,” she added.

“Although the people complain against me of getting connection to the main pipeline, several of the complainants themselves have taken such connections,” she retorted.
Rajeshwari's house is the last on the road. “I have no other means of getting water,” she added. The Council has called tenders for work on giving a new pipeline to the road, she reminded. “If the Council begins this work, the entire road will have to be dug up. Will the others challenge that too?” Rajeshwari countered.
Contractor Nagesh explained that a person may have upto 20 feet of land dug in accordance with the fees paid. “In addition to such work, the road has been dug in several other places in an attempt to get connection.”
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