A pill to help women fight monthly blues

A pill to help women fight monthly blues

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According to the scientists, the possible breakthrough could soon mean fewer of the dreaded mood swings men also fear—and late-night cravings for chocolate.

The research has found the capsule, containing fatty acids to counter the effects of the monthly blues, reduces the emotional and physical symptoms unleashed on millions of women and their partners.

In fact, women volunteers taking the supplement over six months reported “far milder” symptoms, the scientists say. PMT, officially known as pre-menstrual syndrome, affects 85 to 97 per cent of women of reproductive age. Common symptoms include irritability, mood swings, depression and angry outbursts, as well as abdominal cramps and bloating. The scientists said in some cases the symptoms are so severe it can lead to women suffering serious mental problems and even attempting to take their lives.

Lead scientists Edilberto Rocha Filho said the negative effect on routine activities and quality of life can be significant. “Essential oil capsules can now be said to show much promise as a treatment,” he said.

The capsules include gamma linolenic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid, combined with vitamin E. They were tested on a group of 120 PMS sufferers aged 16 to 49.

Nick Panay, Chairman of Britain’s National Association for premenstrual syndrome, said that the breakthrough “looks encouraging”. “The researchers should continue to improve quality of data and to confirm their findings,” he added. The findings have been published in the Reproductive Health  journal.