Bamboo trees flowering a cause for concern

Bamboo trees flowering a cause for concern

Fully bloomed bamboo plants at forest in Koppa taluk. DH Photo

The flowering of bamboo leads to mass change in the environment and also leads to famine. Flowering of bamboo happens only once in 60 years. It is a fact that bamboo tree stand as the protector of other plants in the forest. The life of bamboo trees will come to an end once it starts flowering. The trees will be dried and later it will be destroyed completely after the flowering.

Once the trees are dies, it will not grow again for another 10 years.

It can be recalled that the same phenomenon had occurred in the taluk about six years ago. The taluk had witnessed famine and spreading of diseases too then.

Birds, which take shelter in the bamboo bushes, will have to migrate to other regions if the trees were perished.

Further, the possibility of wild fire also will increase following the destruction of bamboo trees.