Woman poisons two kids, kills self

Last Updated 19 January 2011, 19:11 IST

Salamma hailed from Tamil Nadu and was a home maker. She was married to Muni Venkataswamy. Salamma was his second wife. Venkataswamy had married Salamma’s elder sister Lakshmi some 15 years ago.

He had five children from her. Salamma was also married to a man two years after Lakshmi’s wedding. However, the husband parted ways with her due to differences of opinion, added the police.

Salamma started staying at Lakshmi’s house since then. Venkataswamy was her caretaker and married her later. He had two children from Salamma. Everything was fine during the first few years. But recently it had become extremely difficult for Venkataswamy to manage the sisters. There used to be frequent quarrels among the three. These developments had disappointed Salamma, said family sources.
Salamma decided to kill her children and end life after Venkataswamy went out for work around 5 am on Tuesday. Lakshmi, who is a flower vendor, had also gone out to sell flowers. Salamma mixed poison in food and offered it to Anand and Rakshitha. Later, she locked the house from inside and hanged from a ceiling fan.

Lakshmi returned home around 1 pm. Noticing the house locked, she peeped from the window and was shocked to see Salamma’s body hanging. Lakshmi broke open the door with the help of a few neighbours. The death of two children came to light when they went inside, added the police. The police shifted bodies for post mortem to Victoria Hospital.

Woman ends life
A Radha (18) was found hanging from a pole near her house in Yelahanka on Tuesday night. A resident of Munavarthi Tota on Masjid Road, Radha worked in an incense sticks factory.

According to the police, Radha was one of the three daughters of Abhaya. Radha’s parents have two sons too. The family was poor and Abhaya was an alcoholic who ill treated Radha. The incident came to light on Tuesday morning, added the police.

Fall kills man
A construction worker was killed when he fell on a stone and then into a drainage at Srinivasapura in Yelahanka on Monday night. Annamalai (46) worked at Kogilu Layout as a stone mason, and hailed from Andhra Pradesh. His wife and children live back home.
Annamalai was returning home heavily drunk on Monday night. While walking on a stone slab placed across a drain at Kogilu, he lost his balance, fell down, and then slipped into the drain and died, police said.

(Published 19 January 2011, 19:11 IST)

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