Lure of lucre leads to youth's death

Lure of lucre leads to youth's death

Lure of lucre leads to youth's death

Such was the audacity of the kidnappers that a call was made to Tushar’s father for a ransom of Rs 8 lakh after killing him. This call eventually led to the arrest of the kidnappers and the recovery of Tushar’s body.

Tushar and Waris, both from Bihar, had met at a CET coaching centre in Rajasthan. Having completed the coaching, both parted ways. A few months ago, Waris visited Delhi where he met Tushar’s brother who told him that his sibling was studying in Bangalore. Waris later contacted Tushar when he came here.

On the fateful day, Tushar, who had dropped out of SKIT College, was invited by Waris’s wife Shivani (20) to a small get-together at Attur. Tushar was initially called to Esteem Mall near Hebbal by Shivani and her 19-year-old sister Preeti. They later asked Tushar to accompany them to their home at Attur.

Waris, ironically also an engineering dropout, called his neighbour Rohit also to the party. Rohit, a real estate agent, had come in contact with Waris over the past few years. After a round of drinks, Tushar’s friend started demanding money from him. Tushar was also asked to call his father and get the money. The victim not only refused to heed their demand but also abused them.

In a fit of rage, Waris and Rohit took empty bottles and broke it on Tushar’s head. Later they strangled him with a rope. After the murder, the duo dumped the body at Nilgiri plantations in Yelahanka New Town.

The two killers called Tushar’s father on January 15 and sought a ransom of Rs 8 lakh for his son’s return.Tushar’s father Pramod Kumar Mehta, a contractor from Patna, will have to now live with the pain of losing his son for the rest of his life, for his attempt to save his child failed even before he arrived in the City.

Mehta came to Bangalore on January 17 and filed a missing complaint. On January 20, Rohit and Waris called Mehta and asked him to bring the money to the City Railway Station for his son’s release. Awaiting the duo was a team of North East division police.

Rohit and Waris confessed to the crime after their arrest. The police later arrested Shivani and her sister for abetting the crime.