Ship run aground

With high expectations riding on as director Suresh Krishna’s 50th film and veteran script-writer M Karunanidhi’s story (inspired by Maxim Gorky’s Mother) and screenplay, Ilaignan, falls miserably flat dragged down by the very men with Midas Touch on whose reputations lays its wager on.   

Dated, set in 60s, boasting of retinue of talent, expansive and majestic sweep, Ilaignan, with rather prosaic plotline pitifully irrelevant to today’s times, protracted violence, comes across as one high on ambition and low in deliverables. What infuriates one is that comes from director who has standing in Kollywood whose comedy with Vadivelu is pits in vulgarity and the overt and explicit exploitation of Namitha for all oomph she can ooze.

Revolving around a kindly shipping magnate with devil-incarnate son who exploits the workers worse than animals, Ilaignan, speaks of how one such worker’s (who is killed) son raises in revolt to take on the murderous evil-doers.

While Pa Vijay does his bit, Meera Jasmine is wasted as evil-doer’s sister as also Remya Nambeesan. Kushboo and Nasser shine in an otherwise lacklustre show where even Karunanidhi’s fiery dialogues fail to light up the dismal and dreary proceedings.