One day at a time


BALANCED: Geetha and Chandru.

They have evolved together from the three worlds of entertainment — theatre, serials and movies. But it was in 1986 at the audition of a popular Kannada serial Sihi Kahi when Chandru and Geetha first met.

Not only did they bag a part in it, but they also discovered a good friend in each other. In fact, the serial went on to become so popular that even today they are both known as Sihi Kahi Chandru and Sihi Kahi Geetha.

When they tied the knot in1990, everyone thought it was a love marriage but Chandru clearly states that it was an arranged one.

“We were really good friends but our parents felt since we were in the same profession, we would understand each other and they got us married,” says Chandru while adding, “and we are still trying to understand each other.”

Although Chandru’s first love has always been theatre, the duo make a living through acting and directing serials from their very own production house.

“Working in one’s own production has its advantages as I can always meet him and we get to spend more time together,” says Geetha, while Chandru adds, “There was a time when we used to work in other productions but we hardly got any time together.

Since we didn't have mobile phones those days, we used to stick small notes on the wall for the other person to read. That’s when we decided that we would restrict ourselves to working in our own production.”

The couple has found ways to balance their personal and professional lives. “We make sure that all our work-related discussions remain only in the office. At home, we try to spend quality time as a family with our children,” says Chandru.   
As a couple, both are total opposites. Whatever one person lacks, there is always the other to fill it up for them. But it’s the sense of humour that they both possess that keeps them going. “Forget us, nobody in our family is serious. Everyone is always joking around and this also helps us handle important issues,” says Geetha.

Chandru describes Geetha as a person who is very difficult to please, “She is very particular about everything, be it at home or work. If something is not right, she would tell you on the face, but that’s what keeps me on my toes and it helps bring the best work out of me,” he adds.

She describes him as a bundle of joy and emotions and “has a clean heart and this amazing ability to treat everyone as part of the family. The minute he comes on to the sets, he is always up to some mischief or the other,” adds Geetha.

At home, Geetha says he helps around a lot and in fact, even enjoys cooking. “We enjoy shopping a lot. Every time we are out, I end up buying clothes for me or my children but you will find Chandru buying things for his kitchen,” she laughs. “I find it a great way to let off the steam. I make only vegetarian food and even though I love cooking, I am a very moody cook,” he says. Chandru sure does love his food and whenever he can, he’s out there enjoying a good meal with his family and friends. Another activity that the couple enjoy is watching movies. If they happen to get an entire day off, they  immediately head to the nearest theatre and watch movies all day.

“We have had these marathon movie watching sessions. Sometimes we sit through an entire movie, sometimes we just get up and leave for the next one,” says Chandru.
When it comes to their work, it is Geetha who is highly critical.

“He is such a talented actor and I have always loved to watch him on stage. But when it comes to movies, I haven’t yet seen his best, they make him overact and I don’t like that,” says Geetha.

While Chandru enjoys her work, “I love the fact she works in the same production house because I can push her towards all the comedy shows. I can never see her cry on or off the camera, I enjoy watching her laugh,” he adds.

But together? “We can’t act together as we only end up laughing on the sets,” says Chandru while adding, “I remember this one time we were cast opposite each other was when I was the villain and she, the heroine. We had a blast as I had to call her ‘akka’ and every time I would say that, she would laugh.”

The couple shares so many similar moments and after meeting them, one realises that they have no hard and fast rule for their togetherness.  The secret of their happiness lies in the simplicity with which they take the sweetness and bitterness of life.

“We have never planned for the future as we have always believed in taking life one day at a time,” concludes Chandru.

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