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Last Updated 03 May 2018, 05:43 IST

Developed by a Qatari IT service provider, the T-Qat vehicle tracking system is being touted as the only monitoring system which has a web server developed in Qatar and has an Internet-based Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker customised for local users.

The service provider aims to extend the service to more Gulf countries as well as Africa while subscribers outside Qatar will need to pay along with the yearly fee the monthly GSM roaming charges.

The system is expected to prove particularly useful in improving vehicle breakdown services as well as to monitor vehicles which transport school students as well as day and night shift employees of companies.

The service provider, Advanced Technologies and Solutions, which has developed the tracking system, is participating at the Qatar Motor Show in Doha to create awareness for the device.

Installing the system in a vehicle can help a company or an individual have complete control over the second party usage of their vehicles while sitting before a computer with an Internet connection.

They can track the vehicle's location, movement and speed travelled by the vehicle user and can also set off a speed alarm. The current clients of the firm include car rental, limousine as well as trading and construction companies.

The system also gives the owner of a car the authority to cut off the engine of a vehicle with a click on their laptop or a mobile via the web following necessary safety precautions.

The Report Management System provides automated fleet management reports on over-speeding, historical data, parking and running reports along with geographical area and mileage reports.

The system operates with the GPS vehicle tracking device connected to the ignition system and other desired parts of a vehicle, after a subscriber has registered online with the service provider paying an annual fee.

(Published 31 January 2011, 07:11 IST)

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