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House an owl!

Pics: Daksha HathiBarn owls love to nest in hollow trees or hidden spaces of old buildings. If you have a huge garden, make it owl-friendly. Install nesting boxes under the eaves of your home, leave old tees standing, and keep an area of grass uncut to provide a habitat for the small rodents on which owls prey. Become an owl’s friend!

Everybody enjoys rain

Rain is God’s gift
filled full with water
It’s God’s gift to plants,
It’s God’s gift to humans
Plants use it to grow
Humans use it for their needs
People in rain wear raincoats
and many other things, such
as an umbrella
which can protect them from rain
Everybody enjoys it,
so rain is God’s special gift
to all humans!

Hiral IV std. Achala
Vidya Mandira High School


They say,
that there is life in the outerspace
and that ‘Aliens’ have an ugly face
that there is someone of the third kind
and that they have a destructive mind

They say,
that they came in Alien spaceships,
and that they have green skin and blue lips
about there so called ‘Galaxy-pads’ and stuff
a lot about them people bluff

There is life out there.... Who says so?
about creatures that exist beyond the earth, none know
what they call as ‘Aliens’ don't exist,
and are first imaginary creatures,
that tap the fiction list!

Arshia Suman
Std. IX ‘B’, Presidency,
R.T. Nagar. B’lore.

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