Briton jailed in India returns home

Briton jailed in India returns home

Kent-based Patrick Malluzo, 32, was given a 10-year sentence in 2006, but always maintained his innocence. His request to serve the remainder of his sentence in a UK jail was approved by the Indian Government last year.

Malluzzo was travelling in India in 2004 when a friend took his bag from Rajasthan to Goa so he could travel lightly.

The friend reportedly left three bags, including Malluzzo's luggage, on a train by accident. They were found to contain about 19-kg of cannabis resin.

Malluzzo claimed the first time he knew about it was when he was arrested at Mumbai airport as he tried to leave India.

Jago Russell, chief executive of Fair Trials International (FTI), which campaigned for his return, told the BBC: "After seven years in an Indian prison, thousands of miles from home, we are delighted that Patrick has been transferred back to the UK".

"It is a travesty of justice that Patrick is coming home with a guilty conviction but, having visited him in Kota jail, I can easily understand his decision to abandon the fight for a fair trial in India so that he could come home," he added.

Russell said FTI abandoned a plan to take the case to India's Supreme Court last year because it would have meant Malluzzo spending another two years in prison there.