Week-long workshop on CCGS held

Week-long workshop on CCGS held

A one week workshop to finalise the ‘Concept based Continuum of Graded Syllabi’ (CCGS) for the seven levels of general education with respect to language and literature was held at the National Testing Service-India (NTS-India) of CIIL, Mysore.

In order to make the CCGS comprehensive, all the common concepts abstracted from the syllabi of language and literature courses formed by various institutions across the country have been identified and incorporated after making an in-depth analysis of their hierarchical order delineating the major, minor and sub components.


 In this connection, several workshops were conducted in various phases to identify the components and sub components for language and literature and their associated dimensions for incorporating them in the appropriate levels of education.

The experts, Prof P Rathnasabathy, counsellor, TIERA, Chennai,  Prof C Shunmugam, former head, Department of Linguistics, Bharatiyar University, Coimbatore, Prof R  Panneerselvam, former Professor, Karnatak University, Dharwad, Prof T Sethupandian, former professor, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, and Prof  Murugaiyan, Principal, Sivanthi College of Education, Chennai participated in this workshop. 

General education

The experts thoroughly discussed the distribution of components such as subject matter (language and literature), personality traits and societal needs, language and literature with respect to seven levels of general education for their suitability once again.


After a detailed deliberation the experts prepared the explanation for all the dimensions with illustrative examples. Now the CCGS is submitted for the process of  printing.

Dr M Yesudass, resource person (academic) coordinated the programme in consultation with Dr M Balakumar, head, NTS-I and the progress of the workshops were periodically reported by N Murali Mohan, Public Relations Officer, NTS-India.

Development of a Concept based Continuum of Graded Syllabi (CCGS) for all the seven levels of general education is one of the objectives of NTS-India.

A Concept based Continuum of graded Syllabi (CCGS) for all the seven levels of education (primary, upper primary, secondary, higher secondary, graduation, post graduation and research) for every discipline is necessary to systematise the process of teaching, learning, and evaluation.

In this regard, CCGS is a novel idea as it is context free in the sense that it does not pertain to any particular text of an author and independent of any school or university system.