For lustrous, long and strong hair

For lustrous, long and strong hair


For lustrous, long and strong hair

THE RAPUNZEL EFFECT The health of hair is directly related to blood supply to the scalp.

The strength and volume of hair is dependent on how much blood supply the scalp gets. The age-old ‘hundred-strokes-a-day’ tip can be a good start to rejuvenate dull and limp hair. The health of  hair is directly related to blood circulation. If blood flow is poor, this can cause problems, including an abnormal rate of hair fall. It is essential for blood to reach the roots for the hair to stay healthy. This can be done in three ways:


Here are a few exercises you could try:

Neck roll

*Sit crossed-legged and bend your head forward. Rest your chin against your chest.
*Close your eyes and hold this position to a count of ten.
*Slowly roll your head to the extreme left without moving your body. Sit up straight. Hold the posture for 10 seconds.
*Very slowly roll your head backwards. You will feel your chin and throat muscles tightening. Hold the posture to a count of ten.
*Slowly move your head to the extreme right. Keep your body erect. Hold that for 10  seconds.
*Very slowly roll your head head forward so that your chin rests on your chest. Do not move your torso. Hold that to a count of ten.
*Relax for a few seconds; repeat routine twice.

Head twist

*Lie on your stomach and place your elbows on the floor. Put your head between your hands and close your eyes.
*Slowly push your head downward with your hands until your chin touches your chest. Hold to a count of ten.
*Raise your head and rest your chin on your right palm. Place your left hand firmly on the back of your head (elbows remain on the floor). Slowly twist your head to the right. Hold to a count of ten.
*Bend your head forward; rest your chin on your left palm and place your right hand on the back of your head. Slowly twist to the left and hold to a count of ten.
*Bend head forward; relax; repeat routine once more.

Massage magic

*Place your head between your knees, spread your fingertips over your forehead and scalp with thumbs at the temples. Use index finger and thumb to massage the forehead for one full minute. If this can be repeated 10 times a day, scalp condition and, subsequently, hair condition will improve.

The DIY scalp massage

*Lie on  the bed with your head over the edge. Place your thumbs at the temples and keep your fingers open so that your little fingers meet at the forehead. Move your fingers up and down for 10 minutes in this position. Move on to the next position, an inch or so higher, and repeat the massage. Your thumbs should still be in the same place, above your ears. Continue till you have covered the entire forehead.

Get pampered

While you lie on your back, the masseur kneels behind you and gently, but firmly, lifts your head. Make sure that you don’t do the lifting. Then slowly rotate your head in  clockwise direction and slowly return to the original position. Repeat the above exercise in counter-clockwise direction.

Get the masseur to massage your forehead by lightly applying pressure on the temples with thumbs pressed down at the bridge. Move fingers lightly over the eyebrows and repeat the brush stroke twice. Starting at the temple, get the masseur to work on  the temples in small, concentric circles small circles going outward towards the hairline.

Massage the zone around the cheekbones and jaw in the same movement. Repeat the process.