Moulding young minds

Moulding young minds

Responsible Tasks

 Lokayukta Justice Santosh Hegde, who was the chief guest, focussed on the role of youngsters in curbing corruption.

“It is a good move to mobilise youngsters for a cause. These kinds of movements need to be recognised by the Government and authorities so that they can work better and carry the message forward. These initiatives act as intermediary between the citizens and government bodies,” he said.

Hegde informed that he had visited 203 educational institutions in a span of two years only to interact with youth in regard to fight against corruption. “Society should discriminate between the right and wrong-doers. Nothing is wrong in becoming rich legitimately.

But everything is wrong in becoming rich illegitimately. We require a strong medicine called responsible youngsters who can bring a change in society,” he felt.  Vijay Kumar, secretary of Sankey Park Walkers’ Association, explained how the young leaders are bringing a change in Malleswaram. “We trained 150 college students in personality development, leadership and communication skills. Even MLAs, corporators and citizens joined hands with students in making Malleswaram a model locality. As many as 600 families were approached to make them aware of environment and civic issues,” he said.

“The forum of ‘Young Leaders’ is addressing various issues prevalent in the society. These leaders are educating the residents about solar energy, rain water harvesting, garbage segregation, etc. Our sincere request is to allow us to approach you and join hands in a bringing a change,” appealed Vinod Kumar of ‘Young Leaders’ initiative.
N Prabhudev, VC of Bangalore University; Geetha Ramanujam, founder-director and principal of G R Educational Institutions; Ashwath Narayan, MLA, Malleswaram and many others were present on the occasion.

Manasa, a student of Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women, said she was proud to be a part of the ‘Young Leaders’. “It was a wonderful experience when we initiated the task four months back. We approached each house in Malleswaram and persuaded them to preserve natural resources. We also gave them the contact numbers of civic bodies so that they can complain in case they have any civic problems. The task has made us more responsible,” she said.

The team members also presented a street play called ‘Naavu, Namma Parisara’. The young and enthusiastic students focussed on how natural resources are misused because of the carelessness of citizens and the irresponsibility of politicians. The half-an-hour play succeeded to entertain as well as educate the audience. The event also witnessed, ‘Hasiru Santhe’, an exhibition of plants and decorative products. Many visitors thronged the stalls which exhibited eco-friendly and recycled products.