Feasting hard with 'Gangothri-50'

Feasting hard with 'Gangothri-50'


Team effort: Students at University of Mysore at the ongoing ‘Suvarna Manasa Expo 2011’ in Mysore. The glittering ‘Round Canteen’, that has remained a landmark for many. DH photos by Prashanth H G/ Anurag Basavaraj

Manasagangothri, the good old campus of Univeristy of Mysore (previously Mysore University) has completed 50 years of its existence. Celebrating the joyous occasion, the cool environs is charged up, what with almost all the departments hosting exhibition, unfolding facts from paleolithic age to modern tech savvy age under the banner of ‘Suvarna Manasa Expo 2011’.

Seemingly vying with each other, the students ably assisted by faculty haven’t left any stone unturned to make the event ‘visit-worthy’ even for common persons. The entrance to ‘Gangotri’ as Manasagangotri is known as, from Saraswathipuram side, gives a festive look what with the banners announcing the attractions in the exhibitions, besides the films screened by the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, lifted by the newly painted parts of the buildings matching the occasion. Kiosks to help visitors have been put up, for the benefit of the visitors.

Students of M Ped (Masters inPhysical Education) clad in red trousers and white t-shirts, including both boys and girls are donning the role of guides in the kiosks. That apart, they will also handout brochure making it easy to zero in on the exhibitions you likely to spend some time in.

As soon evening envelopes the campus, illuminated sight of the roads, especially the rotunda canteen enhances the look of Gangotri.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say, the chairs put up on the canteen’s premises occupied by the students, brings the picture of a ‘night canteen’ into one’s mind. In the normal days, the canteen closes at dusk and food is not served outside.

Make shift food kiosks have also been opened at two other places- beside the bus stop on SJCE Road and another on EMMRC Road. Here too, there is no dearth of customers, with the waiters busy tending to the foodies.

When City Herald spoke to a group of friends- Jyothi, Suman, Salman Shariff, Naveen KUmar, Ganesh, Dileep Kumar and Anand of M Com, they had to say one thing in common. “We are really blessed to avail the opportunity of being a part of the 50th year celebration of the campus. We have put in a lot of labour to make the exhibition a unique attraction to mark the half-century”, said students in chorus.

Thanks to the students, for their preparedness. English or Kannada? ask the student/s before starting to unwrap the trove of information they possess about the exhibits leaving the visitors spellbound. The varsity has made arrangements of food, neatly packed and delivered to students and faculty at the exhibition, besides serving tea at breaks.

In his speech on the inaugural day, Prof S N Hegde who is the chairman of the committee that has organised the expo, recalled that when the then Vice-chancellor Kuvempu bought lands including Jayalaskhmivilas Mansion for ‘Manasagangotri’ for ` one lakh 50 years ago, he had to face many criticisms.  Thanks again to the poet laureate who didn’t give in for the criticism. Or else, Mysore would have missed the golden opportunity of boasting of a green rich site, that has put it on a high pedestal among the varsities- for the visual sight and also academic might.

If you wanna be a part of the celebration, don’t miss to catch up some exciting informations in store for you here. It helps you learn many basics of life.