'School' for eunuchs to give them lessons in nursing,computers

'School' for eunuchs to give them lessons in nursing,computers

"Eunuchs are generally ostracised by society. They have full right to live like normal people," Syed Ehtshaam Huda, chief medical superintendent and the brain behind the school, told PTI.

The school, which has been named as 'Aas' (hope), will also offer rehabilitation services.

"There is a need to identify and address problems being faced by eunuchs," Huda said, adding the school will not only provide general education, but will also give them vocational training in sewing, nursing, computers, beauty care and cooking.

"The eunuchs will be trained in personality development skills and made aware about their fundamental rights and duties," said the doctor, who had in the past launched a campaign for separate enumeration of transgenders.

He said that initially the school is being run on weekly basis, but will start operating daily.

"The schools will not have permanent teachers. Instead guest lecturers from the field of academics, social, judiciary, economic and science fields will be invited to answer queries of eunuchs," Huda said.

President of All India Kinnar Association Sonia Haji said that it was an important step towards uplift of eunuchs in the country.

Noted historian and former professor of Jawaharlal Nehru University U P Arora said that eunuchs have had a glorious past and such steps were needed to ameliorate their living conditions.