CPM slams President's 'same old' speech

Last Updated 23 February 2011, 19:21 IST

 While moving a motion of thanks on the President’s address in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, Yechury said that as per the government, both  2010 and 2011 were the beginning of the decade.  He said the opening lines of President Pratiba Patil’s address to the joint session of Parliament this year were the same as in 2010.

The same sentence “I welcome you to the first session of the new decade” was there in last year’s speech of the President, which marks the beginning of the first session every year. 

“This government is in a state of stupor. It is unable to make up its mind when the decade begins,” he said.

While highlighting the glaring mistake in the speech, Yechury said “this is the mirror for the government’s functioning.”

He was also surprised how this mistake occurred despite the speech copy bring  vetted at the highest level in the government including  the Union cabinet.

Alleging that the government was not serious about addressing the problem of inflation, Yechury said the president speech contained the sentence “government is firmly committed to controlling inflation without hurting growth rate” was also part of the last year speech.

Even the promises made in this year President’s address were also repeated from the 2010 address, he said.

(Published 23 February 2011, 19:21 IST)

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