Enliven those dull corners

Enliven those dull corners

There are interesting ways to pep up those places without having to spend too much. To start with, a small wall-hanging or an artefact could make a sea change to your not-so-appealing walls. In fact, you get interesting wall-hangings/artefacts at knock-down prices in street bazaars, which can make staid-looking spaces look singularly spectacular. In case of framed wall-hangings, you can opt for those depicting scenic beauty as they look mesmerising on walls.

In place of wall-hangings, you can even try putting up your works of art. For instance, if you are a dab hand at painting (be it oil painting, glass painting or poster painting), you can either get them laminated or put them in silver or gold-hued frames to be hung on those bare walls. The personal touch will warm your heart, whenever you take a look at them.

Next, on a backdrop of luminescent vermillion-red or turquoise-blue thick paper, you can randomly paste children’s pictures, shot at different stages of their childhood. Or, you can also paste a potpourri collection of your family pictures taken during holiday jaunts. Apart from bringing back a rush of nostalgia, they are bound to bring a smile to your face.

Actually you can let your creative imagination go berserk as you think of more ingenious ways of jazzing up those dull spaces. Like, if you are good at knitting or crochet work, you can craft out some pentagon or hexagon-shaped pieces in three-four different sizes, and fix them on the wall.

For dull corners, exotic looking plants, grown in eye-catching planters, are a great bet. You can keep these potted plants in your kitchen or bathroom corners, or even under the stairway. You can opt for small climbers or creepers, which can radiate incredible charm to the ambience around. Colourful jardinières to hold your plants are another option. You can choose plants with lush foliage to go with the jardinières.

Also, faux plants which can beat the real ones hollow, are available. Opting for these plants obviates the need to look after them with extra care. Ditto with superior quality fake flowers. These artificial flowers can jazz up an uninviting home space. In fact, the flowers that are available in cool cane baskets, could be either clamped up onto a wall, or could be kept on a small side-table, placed in any corner you like.

A quaint looking lampshade too can create a stunning impact, and radically change a dull place into a delectable one. Pavement bazaars sometimes have interesting options.