Maya plays 'Krishna' to friend

Maya plays 'Krishna' to friend

 The show of affection was palpable when Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati bumped in on an old friend on Sunday as she inspected the government hospital in Baghpat district, though the woman at the helm of the state did not seem to have offered anything in terms of money.

However, the district’s additional chief medical officer Dr Dayawati  was delighted by the warmth and generous consideration the Chief Minister had shown to her. On seeing her friend, Mayawati instantly recognised Dr Dayawati and enquired about her family. According to sources, she immediately accepted her friend’s request for a transfer to Noida.

The Chief Minister, known for being rude to government officials, not only ordered her friend’s transfer as was requested but also granted her promotion, according to sources.
An obliged and grateful Dr Dayawati compared Mayawati with Lord Krishna.  “For me she is like Krishna, who had recognised his poor childhood friend Sudama and had also helped him,” Dr Dayawati said.

She said that she and Mayawati had studied together at a college in UP’s Muzzafarnagar town some 33 years back.

“I had never imagined that she will recognise me,” Dayawati said. Baghpat’s chief medical officer Dr M L Arya confirmed that Dr Dayawati has been transferred to Noida as District TB officer.

Mayawati has been touring various districts of the state for the past few days to make an on-the-spot assessment of development  projects, especially the works at Ambedkar villages.

The CM had not only reprimanded several officials, including district magistrates and police chiefs, she had also dismissed a few of them for laxities.