Petition seeking life ban on tainted Pak trio filed in HC

Petition seeking life ban on tainted Pak trio filed in HC

A lawyer, Rana Inamuddin Ghani, has filed the petition which also seeks confiscation of their assets.Ghani, on behalf of his client, has pleaded to the court that it should take notice of the bans imposed on the three players earlier this month for involvement in spot-fixing and corruption.

"These three players have tarnished the image of Pakistan and its cricket. Their guilt has been proven by the International Cricket Council's anti-corruption unit and we want the country's court to also take action against them," Ghani told PTI.

"We want the court to order not only that their bank accounts be frozen but their assets seized," he said.

"We want the court to impose a life ban on all three of them as their guilt has now been proven and they are guilty of corruption. They must be punished under the country's laws as well to control corruption in the sport."

Butt, Aamir and Asif have until Sunday to file their appeals against the bans imposed on them by the ICC anti-corruption tribunal.Aamir's lawyer, Shahid Karim, is expected to file the appeal later today with the international court of arbitration for sports in Geneva.