Set long-term career goals

Set long-term career goals


Set long-term career goals

Dear Sir,

I am a student of Class X and my aim is to become an automobile engineer. What should I do ?


Dear Chandrshekar,

Automobile engineering is offered as a regular 4-year BE course in many universities and colleges all over the country. The admission procedure is the same as for any other branch of engineering.  Also, the automobile industry requires and recruits mechanical, mechatronics, electrical, electronics, instrumentation, production and computer science engineers in large numbers.  Hence you can select which stream of engineering you would like to study, and then go in for specialisation at the post-graduate level if you wish to.

Dear Sir,

I am studying in 2nd PUC (PCMB). I am very interested in biology but I don’t want to become a doctor. I also don’t want to take up MBBS. What other courses can I take with biology as a subject — I like human biology. I thought BSc would be fine but I wanted to know more about different courses. I want to become a scientist.


Dear Pragathi,

Along with your interest in biology, try to identify what type of work and work-environment you enjoy most.  If you are clear that you enjoy research, documentation, teaching, etc., then you can take up BSc, or an integrated five-year MSc programme in biology, and then narrow down to your specialisation.  
However, if you are more people-oriented, then you may consider medical streams like homeopathy/ayurveda, paramedical sciences, nutrition, environmental science, bio-technology, etc.

Dear Sir,

I am a first year student of commerce and my combination is accountancy, business studies, economics and statistics. I aspire to become a CA. I also want to take the IAS exam. What should I choose after my second year? Which are the best coaching classes for CA in Karnataka? Should I start my preparation from now on?


Dear Disha,

It may be better if you make a selection between civil services and chartered accountancy, since the skills, preparation are completely different.  List out and identify which appeals to you more.  If you are keen on CA, you should enrol for the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) right now, and appear for it just after completing your 2nd PUC. If you succeed in CPT in the first attempt, then you know that you are CA-material and can pursue it actively.  For Civil Services, you need to start preparing systematically in general knowledge, current affairs, presentation skills, etc., while you pursue a degree in any field. You can appear for the UPSC exam only after you complete your graduation.

Dear Sir,

I am studying in Std X. In the beginning I secured between 92-95% but now I am securing only about 78-79%. I don’t know why I am performing so badly. What courses can I pursue after the Xth?


Dear Soundarya,

It helps to set long-term career goals before you appear for the Board exams, because then you find a purpose and direction, otherwise you are just struggling with studies, hence getting tense and losing motivation.  Identify  how each subject is going to help you in your future life, visualise the career you will be taking up (you can change your goals later if you want to), and study with a positive  attitude.  
Also, take up stress reduction activities like meditation, yoga or whatever suits you. Take regular short breaks when studying long hours, study the most difficult or boring subjects when you are fresh and alert. Periodic revision of lessons already studied, and mock-tests improve your grades.  And finally, keep giving yourself positive affirmations (“I will do well”, “I will succeed”, “I am capable”) many times in a day.

The counsellor is the Chairman of Banjara Academy. E-mail your queries on Studying in India to dheducation@deccanherald.