That 70s' show...

That 70s' show...


 STYLISH Prachi Desai recreating the Bobby look in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. Be it the funky clothes in recent movies like Action Replayy, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, Om Shanthi Om or an entire round dedicated to the era in dance reality shows, it looks like the obsession with the 70s has been constant.

So what is so appealing about this era? Gaurav, a student from Christ University, says the image of freedom and funky attitude has been one of the major factors. “From what we have seen and heard through films and word of mouth respectively, the 70s symbolised freedom, change and celebration. Those days were similar to the current times,” he adds.

Some colleges, in fact, find 70s as a popular theme for their fests. Recently, Mount Carmel University had dedicated an entire day to the 70s. Girls came dressed in polka-dotted saris, large glares and one couldn’t miss the big flowers behind their ears.

Says Surabhi, a student from Mount Carmel College, “There is so much depth and history in that era and one can learn a lot from it. This makes it a popular theme for many fests. Not only do the clothes look colourful and funky but they also help bring out one’s identity. It definitely is an era that has left a lasting impression on one and all.”

But when it comes to movies, actor-cum-director Harish Raj says the 70s is appealing only because of the freshness it brings to the screen.

 “The colours and the loudness of the era livens up the screen. But one must be careful to not go overboard,” says Harish, who has used the 70s’ theme for a song Taja Taja, in his latest film Gun.

INNOVATIVE Harish Raj in the song Taja Taja.Think of 70s’ fashion and the image of Zeenat Aman flashes across one’s mind.

The flared bell bottoms, large earrings, head band worn across the forehead and the use of flower power is something that keeps making its rounds in the fashion circuit.

Designer Rohit Bal, however, fails to understand this sudden craze among people for the era.

“I feel the craze of dressing up in the 70s’ style is limited to films. Being a 70s’ child myself, I can vouch that people never dressed the way they have been portrayed in these movies. Yes there were loud colours, bell bottoms and big glares. But these were not teamed up together. It’s sad that today’s youth are getting the wrong notion of the 70s.”