Californians urged to don turbans to show solidarity with Sikh

Californians urged to don turbans to show solidarity with Sikh

Darrell Steinberg, Democratic President Pro Tem of the California Senate, yesterday went to a Sikh Temple in West Sacramento along with several other Californian leaders and officials to express their solidarity with the local Sikh community, who are shocked and outrages at the killings.

In his remarks, Steinberg suggested that the Sacramento region chose a date on which every one, Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike would wear a turban or other clothing associated with Sikh.

Following Steinberg's appeal, the Sikh Temple and the community announced that April 13 would be observed as "We are all Sikhs".

On April 13, 2011, President Pro Tempore Steinberg will wear a turban in solidarity with the Sikh community, a media release said.

"We are humbled by the support of President Pro Tempore Steinberg," said Darshan Mundy, public affairs director of Sikh Temple, Sacramento.

"He has been a longtime friend of the Sikh Community and has once again shown his leadership in matters of faith and equality," Mundy said, adding that this is a very good news for the Sikhs.

During his remarks, Steinberg recounted the remarkable folk story of King Christian X of Holland during the dark days of World War II.

The story recounts that Nazi forces were persecuting Danish Jews. All those of Jewish were forced to identify themselves with an armband displaying the Star of David.
In response, King Christian X called upon his countrymen to wear the Star of David armband, thwarting the Nazi campaign.

As a result, countless Jewish lives were saved.
The website of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum says the story is fictional, but that King Christian X of Denmark was responsible for saving many Danish Jews.

Among those present at the meeting were US Attorney Benjamin Wagner, and the Elk Grove Mayor Steven Detrick; during which they expressed sympathy and outrage for the March 4 attack that resulted in the death of Surinder Singh, 68, and critically injuring Gurmej Atwal, 78.

Funeral of Singh was held Saturday.No arrest has been made so far.

Meanwhile, the award money to any informant which leads to the arrest of the assailants has crossed USD 50,000.

On Friday, hundreds of people attended a candle light peace march at the place where Singh and Atwal were shot at in Elk Grove on March 4.

"This is what the Elk Grove community is about – coming out and supporting one another," Elk Grove Mayor Steve Detrick was quoted as saying by Sacramento Bee.