Parking curbs for World Cup match

Parking curbs for World Cup match

There will be no parking on the following stretches between 11 am and 10.30 pm:

* Both sides on Queen’s Road, between CTO Circle and Queen’s Circle.
* Both sides on MG Road, between Anil Kumble Circle and Queen’s Circle.
*  From MG Road to Cubbon Road on Link Road.
* Both sides on road across the stadium compound.
* Both sides on Central Street.
* Both sides on Cubbon Road, from B R V Circle to Dickenson Road Junction. Parking of all types of vehicles has been banned, except BMTC buses, on Cubbon Road and from Kamaraj Junction to Dickenson Road Junction.

* From SBI Circle to Ashirvadam Circle on Madras Bank Road.
* From MG Road to Madras Bank Road on Museum Road.
* From Queen’s Circle to Hudson Circle on Kasturba Road and from Siddalingaiah Circle to RRMR Circle on Grand Road.

Stretches for vehicular parking:

* BRV Grounds.
* From Balabhavan Junction to High Court Junction on the east side of King’s Road.
* First floor of the building at Shivajinagar bus stand.