TCS offers to relocate Indian employees in Japan

TCS offers to relocate Indian employees in Japan

"The safety of our employees is our top priority...We are ready to relocate our Indian employees and their families back to India as well as move our local Japanese employees and their families to other locations of safety," a TCS spokesperson said.

TCS has over 200 people in Japan, including a number of Indians working on various projects.

A massive earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami hit Japan on March 11, leaving thousands of people dead or unaccounted for, as houses were swept away, ships overturned, and vehicles and several buildings, including a petrochemical plant, catching fire.

The company said it was in touch with its team in Japan and has set up a communications system to provide all employees in Japan with frequent updates and stay in touch with them.

"We are also engaged with customers to see how they can be supported," the spokesperson added.

Japan is now facing a radiation scare with some explosions across various reactors being reported .

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has warned that the radiation had spread from the crippled reactors and there was "a very high risk of further leakage".

He asked an estimated 1,40,000 people living within 30 kms of the facility north of capital to remain indoors and to conserve power as threat loomed large of Japan's crisis turning into a Chernobyl-like disaster.