Kalasa reigns supreme in four-wheeler category

The Novice Class Kalasa went all out and left all the top drivers behind to finish on top. He was also declared the fastest driver.

In the battle for supremacy in the two wheeler category, Mohammad Azghar of Mysore defeated Syed Anees and MD Waseem quite convincingly to claim the top honours in the Indian Open.


Two-wheelers: Experts class: Syed Annes (Bangalore) 1; Mohammed Azghar (Mysore) 2; Nitin (Bangalore) 3. Novice class: Syed Hidayathulla (Bangalore) 1; Rajendra RE (Shimoga) 2; Madhu (Bangalore) 3. Intermediate class: Nitin (Bangalore) 1; Shabeer (Bangalore) 2; Madhu (Bangalore) 3. Indian open: Mohammed Azghar (Mysore) 1; Syed Annes (Bangalore) 2; MD Waseem (Bangalore) 3. Local boys: Shaik Masood 1; Vinay Raju 2; Immanuel 3. Four-wheelers:
1400 cc to 1600 cc: Baban Khan (Bangalore) 1; Eman Ahmed (Chikmagalur) 2; Hemanth BK (Bangalore) 3. Novice class: Sanketh (Tumkur).  1001 cc to 1400 cc: Rudresh Patel (Chikmagalur) 1; Samarth (Bangalore) 2; Baban Khan (Bangalore) 3. Novice class: Vishwas  1; Suhem Kabeer 2. Upto 800cc: Arun (Shimoga) 1; Adithya (Coorg) 2; Rudresh Patel/Baban Khan  3. Novice class: Veeresh Kalasa (Chikmagalur) 1; Jayanth (Bangalore) 2.
Indian open: Veeresh Kalasa (Chikmagalur) 1; Rudresh Patel (Chikmagalur) 2; Samarth (Bangalore) 3. Novice class: Arun (Shimoga) 1; Suhem Kabeer (Coorg) 2.
Fastest driver: Veeresh Kalasa (Chikmagalur).
Best rider: Mohammed Azghar (Mysore).

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