A night to remember

A night to remember


 STYLISH From Swapnil and Nandita’s collection.The launch of Artic Vodka got off to a really late start. The invite safely mentioned 7.30 pm but it began much later. But the crowd that poured in till late into the night had a rollicking time with fashion, food and loads of fun.

The launch coincided with the new line of Swapnil Shinde and Nandita Mahtani. The two designers showcased their latest summer collection. While Swapnil stuck to mild colours, Nandita chose to explore shades of blue and white.

The evening got off to a great start with some soul-stirring music and the crowd helping themselves to plenty of beverages and short eats doing the rounds. The regular P3Ps were in full attendance and they did well to catch up on all the lost gossip.   

The evening was high on fashion and glamour. Then Swapnil Shinde showcased his latest collection.

Swapnil’s menswear had a good line of jackets, high waists, tuxedos and shirts in basic colours of black and white. The cuts and designs were all very masculine and the rose etched to the pocket lent a chivalrous look to the collection.

The women’s line had flowing gowns and summer dresses woven in soft fabrics. White silhouettes with hints of colour were the main fashion focus. He played around with Greek transparent pieces designed in blue, yellow and white.

“My collection was intended to have an array of offers for summer clothes. It was meant to be light and flowy,” said Swapnil.

The models scorched the ramp dressed in Nandita Mahtani’s breezy cool shades of white and blue. Apart from short dresses and evening wear, the designer’s half jumpsuits were attractive.

People hung around till late into the night and the collection impressed them to no end.
Waseem Khan, a photographer observed that the collection was vibrant and refresh. Sindu Rao, another socialite said, “I really like the cuts. It’s party wear and the designs are attractive.”