Fakirs support Shakadri, stage protest in C'magalur

Fakirs support Shakadri, stage protest in C'magalur

They urged DC to organise uroos from March 26

The protesters urged the authorities not to curtail the powers of the Shakhadri. The uroos should be held as per the date fixed by Shakhadri, ie, March 26, 27 and 28.

Speaking to presspersons, Shakhadri said that he will not take part in the uroos being organised by the district administration on Sunday. “I want all Fakirs to take part in the Uroos. I have send them invitations. I had requested the district administration to wait till all Fakirs reach Chikmagalur. However, they were adamant,” he said.

To a query on the tradition that Uroos should be held on the following day of ‘holi full moon,’ Shakhadri said: “There was no such tradition. In the past, there was not much light during the night. To see that no inconvenience is caused to the Fakirs, Uroos was being observed during full moon. However, now the time has changed. Now we have electricity.”

The notification has asked to maintain the status quo of 1989. However, it does not make any reference on holding Uroos on the following day of full moon.

He said “Supreme Court has granted permission for the family to hold three days’ Uroos festival at the Peeta on March 3. On the same day, I had filed an application in the Deputy Commissioner’s office. However, I did not receive any answer. Fakirs from various parts of the country will take part in the Uroos. We will go to the Giri on March 26. As a citizen of the country, we have the right to offer our prayers at the Peeta. I do not want to disturb peace and harmony in the district. The district administration is free to arrest me. I have decided to hold Uroos on March 26,” he clarified.

‘Date can be changed’

Muslim Minority Youth Committee President Jamsheed Khan said that the Shakhadri can change the date of Uroos. There is no need for the government or the district administration to intervene. Speaking to Deccan Herald, he said “Shakhadri was not taking part in Uroos for the last five years. At the same time, Fakirs from Punjab and other parts of the country had remained away from Uroos. It would be good if the district administration gives time. All the Muslims will abide by the decision of Shakhadri.”

Ready for uroos

Deputy Commissioner S N Channappa Gowda said that Uroos will be held as per the scheduled date at Bababudangiri.

The district administration is all set to conduct Uroos from Sunday. The devotees will be allowed to visit the cave from 8 am to 5 pm for three days. The electrification of the cave has been completed and the drinking water facilities will be provided to the devotees at the Cave.

“The sandal paste will be pasted on the cave and on the tombs. In case if Shakhadri remains absent, then Mujawar will be asked to carry out the rituals of the Uroos. If Shakhadri holds protest on March 26, then we will have to initiate action against him,” he added. In the meantime, the Vishwa Hindu Parishat district General Secretary has urged the district administration not to give scope for the Uroos and other Islam related activities at Dattatreya Peeta. The original dargah of Bababudan is at Nagenahalli. Uroos should be organised at Nagenahalli. “If any new rituals are allowed at the Dargah, then we will hold state-wide agitation. The police security should be beefed up to avoid any untoward incidents. The Uroos date should not be changed for the sake of a person,” he said.

Signature with blood

Meanwhile, few Fakirs have written a letter to the Governor and signed using their blood. The letter has urged the Governor to allow Shakhadri to hold Uroos on March 26, 27 and 28 and not to curtail his powers. The Shakhadri himself will meet the Govenor to hand over the letter.

Police security

As many as 419 police personnel will be deployed for the security during the annual Uroos. About five check posts will be opened at Hiremagalur, ABC, Uppalli, Halenahalli, AIT Circle, Kaimara Handpost, Kemmannugundi handpost.