Advocates seek CM's ouster in plea to Governor

Advocates seek CM's ouster in plea to Governor

In their memorandum to the Governor on Saturday, advocates A K Subbaiah, Ravivarma Kumar and C S Dwarakanath made an appeal seeking Yeddyurappa’s removal for ‘breach of oath’.

Citing ‘Operation Lotus’, the petitioners said the chief minister had used money and muscle power to muster a majority throwing the provisions of the Constitution to the wind.

Quoting various denotification scams, the petitioners said it prima facie revealed the corrupt motives and violation of law. “The conduct of the chief minister clearly reveals that he has indulged in nepotism. All the denotifications are not only illegal, but it is also glaring that the chief minister has deliberately misused his authority to enrich his family members,” they said. 

Accusing him of practising the worst form of casteism by giving hundreds of crores of rupees to various mutts and liberally appointing people of his caste to plum posts, the petitioners said the entire bureaucracy was demoralised by it.

Referring to the donations by corporate bodies to Prerana Trust, owned by his two sons and relatives, the petitioners said it was a clear violation of the oath of office by the Chief Minister. Drawing the attention of the Governor to papers pertaining to illegal transactions of former prime minister H D Deve Gowda and his family members, displayed in the Assembly with a threat to expose them unless they stopped making allegations against the chief minister, the petitioners said Yeddyurappa was indulging in blackmailing tactics to silence the Opposition.