Unwanted callers calling...

Unwanted callers calling...

Constant nuisance

Troublesome : Telemarketing calls are annoying.

Despite the ‘Do Not Call’ registry, people end up getting calls from telemarketers persuading them to subscribe to offers or buy some product or the other.  Metrolife takes a look at how people deal with these calls and curb them.

Some people are bothered by telecallers throughout the day. “I get nearly eight to ten calls every day from telemarketers despite telling them not to call me. Sometimes, all I can do is just ignore them. But they still manage to call from different numbers and there is just no escape,” says Shankar, a businessman.

It is all the more infuriating to get these calls during hectic schedules and peak hours. “Mornings are always hectic and calls from telemarketing executives only add to our stress and worry. These lead to a bad state of mind and affect our work the entire day,” says Vijayalakshmi, an IT recruiter with a private firm.

For those, who are constantly on the move, marketing calls are one of the biggest irritants.

 “If the job involves shuttling between different places, we would also be on roaming. So these unwanted calls unnecessarily add to the roaming charges,” opines Anoop H P, an
IT professional.

To top it all, telemarketing calls are not just pesky. At times they are also fake and can dupe the customer.

“Once I got a call from a property agent who offered me a good deal. When I called back to verify about the property, I realised that it was a fake deal from a middleman who was trying to fleece me. From then on, I have been very cautious about answering these calls,” quips Prem, who heads the logistics division at a private firm.

“The service providers, who call on a daily basis, never realise they are wasting other people’s time. Though I have activated the ‘Do Not Disturb’ option, they call and pester me with their offers. I’ve got calls even late in the night, which is very disturbing,” says Anitha, a consultant with a private firm.  “All in all, the only way to prevent these calls is to ignore them or tell them not to call and disturb us again,” sums up Sona, a senior manager with a private firm.