On the road to ignorance

On the road to ignorance

Reality bites

However, tune into the latest auditions of the MTV show Roadies and you will wonder if most participants have gone to school at all. Question them about the President of India and you get an array of answers like Rajiv Gandhi and Manmohan Singh (anything but the right answer!); ask aspiring astronauts on the show what is the full form of NASA and they see stars. Metrolife spoke to a few youngsters to find out if today’s generation is actually that ignorant or are these youngsters pretending to be dumb in order to get fame?

According to Prachi Gupta, an assistant account executive, “Most people just want to show off that they know it all when in reality, they don’t know anything. One girl on the show kept claiming she is extremely intelligent but didn’t even know who was in-charge of the Commonwealth Games,” she exclaims.

Agreeing with Prachi is Vignesh, a software engineer at Sapient.

 “I have seen many youngsters who are not aware of any political happening or even basic things like who is leading the country.”

He adds, “So I don’t think the Roadies’’ participants are putting up a show. They are actually that dumb! I have seen many youngsters, who are not even aware of who’s leading the country or the current happenings in politics. But they know all about the latest films and the newest trends in fashion.”

Abhishek Nadkarni, a marketing executive, thinks some people do fake their intelligence quotient on TV. But he also feels that the youth today are more proud of their looks than brains.

“They are ignorant in general. They just want to show off their brawns more than their brains,” he says.

Referring to the participants of Roadies, he notes, “How could a guy not know whether the President of India is a male or female? He couldn’t have faked it. No one would want to look that stupid on TV.” Dumb or not, these people hope to get selected for the glamour quotient they might add on the show.

Sometimes their dumbness even lets them get their way as they get selected. The heights of reality television, we must say!