'The World Cup is not what it used to be'

Last Updated 24 March 2011, 01:59 IST

                                                               Lorna D’Mello
Business development executive

'The World Cup is not what it used to be'

“Earlier, cricketers used to play for passion. There was not much money or glamour involved in the game and the competition was such that if you had made it to the team, you had to perform.

But today, even average players do well for themselves. The business aspect of the game has gained more importance and I feel for the really big cricketers in India, the World Cup does not mean the end of the world. It is just like any other tournament for them.”

Abhinav Tiwari
Market analyst

“The World Cup still holds a lot of importance for the Indian team because of its long history. T20 is suited to attract sections like girls and housewives but for a traditional cricket-lover, test match and will always remain as the first and foremost form of cricket.

So will the World Cup, with its 50 over matches. The prestige associated with the World Cup is far more than the one associated with T20 World Cup or IPL. Also, the World Cup happens once in four years unlike the T20 World Cup which happens every two years and the IPL that happens every year.”

Bhupesh Garg

“I feel the World Cup is not of great importance to the Indian cricket team and its prestige has decreased. Today the viewership is more for the Twenty20 cricket matches and the IPL. As far as the Indian team is concerned, their performance in this World Cup has not been that great. While the batsmen have been fine, the bowlers are not good at all. The World Cup is surely not what it used to be and its sanctity is decreasing day by day.”

Mohit Agarwal
Engineering student

“I still think that the World Cup is a notch above the other tournaments purely because of the fact that all the cricketing nations come together for the Cup. And I feel the World Cup matters to the Indian cricket team and that they are taking it more seriously than other forms of cricket  like Twenty20 and the IPL. Now since the World Cup has come to India after 15 years, it is all the more important for them.”

Amrutha Kashinath
Management student

“The Indian cricket team is overconfident this time. Also,  the IPL offers a lot of money to the cricketers. So they care more about themselves and their individual score and not for the country. They get more money from the T20 matches than they do from the World Cup. I don’t think that the tournament is very important to them. They are not really focusing much on it as they are focusing on the Twenty20 matches.”

(Published 20 March 2011, 12:36 IST)

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