President stresses on education to girl child

President stresses on education to girl child

It was imperative that the women must be educated and empowered to play a crucial role in development and poverty alleviation in the society, she said while inaugurating the legislative council's centenary celebrations in the state legislature here.

The state governments should launch projects to give education to  the girl childs in order to empower the women to play a significant role in the development process and poverty alleviation in the society, Patil said.

The President praised the Bihar government for its several initiatives for giving education to the women, including 50 per cent reservation for the fair gender in the recruitment of teachers in the state.

She expressed concern at the prevalence of social vices like dowry, child marriage, girl infanticide and drug addiction in the society and called for concerted steps for eradication of these vices.

Observing that our country was growing rapidly to an extent that it has become the fourth largest world economy, Patil said that pro-development policies be carried on and ensured that the benefits of development did reach out to the last person, including the deprived sections of the society.

The inclusive growth was a key component of the development process and the social services and employment opportunities being generated must reach to all people of the country, besides good education and quality health services, she said.

Referring to the economic growth in Bihar, Patil said that the state government should step up efforts to bring growth in the industrial and agriculture sectors.

She expressed hope that Bihar, which has already been contributing significantly in the national growth, would continue to chip in with other states in its contributions to the development process at the national level.