Bomb explodes in central Jerusalem; 31 wounded

Bomb explodes in central Jerusalem; 31 wounded

Bomb explodes in central Jerusalem; 31 wounded

The blast took place outside the International Convention Centre in Jerusalem. All of the casualties have been evacuated to the Hadassah Hospital in Ein Karem. The Magen David Adom emergency services said that there were no fatalities.

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled his scheduled trip to Moscow in the wake of the Jerusalem bombing," the Haaretz said.

Jerusalem District police commander Aharon Franko said that 31 people were wounded in the blast, out of which two were hurt seriously, five to eight were wounded moderately, and the rest sustained light injuries.

The blast could be heard throughout Jerusalem and blew out the windows of two crowded buses, The explosive device was apparently hidden in a bag next to a telephone pole, the Haaretz reported.

An eyewitness in the area at the time of the explosion told Haaretz that she heard a loud blast close to the central bus station and second later sirens began to wail and security forces rushed to the scene.

Meir Hagid, one of the bus drivers, said he heard a loud explosion as he drove by the site, located near the main entrance to Jerusalem and its central bus station.

"I heard the explosion in the bus stop," he said. He halted his vehicle and people got off. He said nobody in his bus was hurt.

The entrance to the city has been closed. Security forces were combing the area for other suspicious packages or objects.

A Channel 2 reporter said that the Palestinian Red Crescent contacted the emergency services to offer assistance in evacuating the wounded.

The bombing occurred just hours after Gaza militants fired two Grad-type Katyusha rocket at the southern city of Be'er Sheva and a barrage of mortar shells on the western Negev.