A journey of learning through Canada

A journey of learning through Canada

REFRESHING OISE encourages you to think critically and question popular wisdom.

There are numerous opportunities for work and study in the areas of research, policy, educational administration, training, consultancy, curriculum development and counseling, in addition to teaching, at local, regional and international levels. You can teach, train or counsel at a school, corporation, hospital, government agency or NGO. Whether you enjoy interacting with children, youth, adults or culturally diverse groups of people, this field has something for everyone. It offers the potential of being engaged in work that is challenging, rewarding, interesting and fun.

Higher Education Opportunities

I am currently pursuing a M.Ed (Master of Education) programme at OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) at the University of Toronto, Canada. OISE is an internationally acclaimed school of education that seeks to improve teaching and learning in the many contexts where it occurs. OISE is committed to the study and improvement of education in the context of broad social issues, with an understanding that learning is a life-long activity. There is a strong emphasis on social justice and critical thinking that considers the impact of, and our impact on the world around us, and our role in contributing to a more peaceful, equitable and just society.

As a graduate school of education, OISE has a wide range of part time and full time master’s and Ph.D programmes to choose from. You can also choose to pursue a Master of Teaching (M.T) programme that will qualify you to become a full fledged teacher in the province of Ontario, Canada. A M.Ed degree programme (Master of Education) is suitable for those who are already engaged in a career related to education and are interested in further professional development. An MA degree programme is designed to provide academic study and research training related to your area of interest that paves the road to a Ph.D programme.

Indo-Canadian partnerships for Ph.D programmes

Ph.D programmes demand a strong commitment to research and knowledge production. In fact, OISE has teamed up with the Azim Premji Foundation in Bangalore to foster Indo-Canadian partnerships through a Ph.D scholarship in the area of educational research.

This scholarship will support doctoral students at OISE who wish to conduct research in India, or a doctoral student enrolled in an Indian university who is registered at OISE as a full-time or part-time student.

OISE has five main departments which are: Adult Education and Counselling Psychology (AECP), Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL), Human Development and Applied Psychology (HDAP), Sociology and Equity Studies in Education (SESE), and Theory and Policy Studies in Education (TPS). All these departments are in turn divided into a number of related programmes and research centres. 

My journey

My full-time M.Ed programme is in the AECP department, and the programme duration is 1.5 years. Part time students have three years to complete this programme. The courses so far have been intellectually and academically demanding, which I find refreshing and challenging. You are encouraged to think critically and question popular wisdom.

You are encouraged to think creatively and explore different modalities of presenting your work such as poetry, posters, drama, stories and art. You have the freedom to pursue your own areas of interest, with the guidance of professors who are leading scholars and academics in their field. You learn as much from the students who come from varied backgrounds as you do from your teachers. At the same time, there are numerous events and extracurricular activities you can take part in, such as scuba diving, yoga or public speaking.

How you can apply

You can check OISE’s website (http://www.oise.utoronto.ca/) under prospective students for admission requirements as an international student. You will be required to submit a statement of intent (1000-1500 word) along with other admission documentation requirements. A handy checklist is available on the site. There is no admission test required.

Make sure you meet all the application deadlines for either fall (starting September) or winter (starting January) intake. Most students join in fall (September). If you miss a deadline, some departments may extend them, so be sure to check the website regularly. There are many support systems available for international students, as long as you are proactive in asking for help. OISE is also conveniently situated right in the middle of downtown Toronto, with easy access by subway.

Toronto is a very welcoming and ethnically diverse city, with a large Indian population. You can also explore other colleges and universities in Toronto. Keep in mind that most colleges offer diplomas and focus more on practical skills, and you will have to transfer to a university if you want to get a degree.